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iThink Psychology offers evidenced based psychological support to Adolescents, Adults and Couples in a non judgmental and supportive environment. Psychological techniques can help us to take different perspectives; develop helpful thinking patterns; manage our emotions; learn effective coping skills; change behaviours; improve our relationships and general mental well being. 

Nicola Gardner is a registered Psychologist in Tauranga and Hamilton with over 10 years experience and has worked within private practice and community based settings. Nicola will develop strategies with you and based on your individuality and personal strengths. Nicola has a special interest in working with you to foster strong and healthy relationships; manage symptoms of anxiety (including Panic, OCD, General, Social or Phobias); manage symptoms of depression (including Bipolar and Postnatal); support you through grief and loss; work through the experience of being Bullied either at school or at work; manage feelings of Anger or other Emotions; ease Stress levels; Adjust to life's change(s) and challenges, Parenting techniques; Assertiveness; build Self Confidence; manage Conflict and Communication skills; build healthy Relationships or support you through the difficulties faced with Separation or Infidelity concerns.

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